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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh My Goodness....has it been that long?

Well, I guess I have been busy stitching. I guess that is good...but not completely the truth. I have been really busy for one reason or another. I am just getting back on my feet. I am still stitching Pretty in Pink by Lorri Birmingham and Goldenwood by Ruth Sanderson/HAED. Both of which are coming along nicely. I have turned Celestial Dragon & Rocky Mountain Christmas into UFOs. I just stalled on those two.

I am going to be starting three or four SAL's too. Over at the board on Yuku called the Stitchalong. You should come by and take a look. I just started the Spring Fling Stitchalong. That is my Silver Lining chart Peace. Next to go is the Quaker Virtues by By Gone Stitches and a Prairie Schooler design called Farmer's Alphabet. THEN we should be starting another My Big Toe Designs SAL. I will be doing Gordian Knot. Hopefully this one will not start until next year....possibly January.

I am focusing on Goldenwood & Peace for right now. My sister wants Goldenwood for my nieces graduation party in July. She wants to show it off. At least I know she appreciates it.

Well, that is all for now. Hope to come back really soon.

Peaceful Stitching Everyone

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh No! New Releases At Wyndham Needleworks!

I promised myself I would not buy anything new for a little while but four items at Wyndham are not making that very easy to adhere to! First is from Sampler Cover...Thriller! Absolutely gorgeous! The second is from Permin and called Blue Sampler. The third is from Sampler Company called Scottish House Sampler AND another (I am so sorry but I forgot what the designers name is but it contains a Mermaid....and man oh man....Whoa! It is absolutely stunning...a dragon...a mermaid...an old man....fab-u-lous!

My Sister shamed me on Sunday. I am again working on Goldenwood. She said it was too wonderful to put down. (Sigh) She acts like it is for HER! She will have to pry it from my cold dead hands if she wants it! LOL This one is for me. I love it so. I just needed a rest from earth tones.

I will try and put an update on Celestial Dragon in my album this weekend. It is just two corners of the border though. And hopefully, I will have an update for Goldenwood. We will see.

Well, that is all for now. Talk Soon and Peaceful Stitching.

Friday, March 09, 2007


I am still working on Celestial Dragon by Teresa Wentzler. I have finished one complete corner with backstitching. I am now working on another corner. The border is enjoyable to stitch. I am saving the dragon for later. I do not know if I will wait for the entire border to be finished but for right now, that is the plan.

This weekend I hope to finish up the cross stitching portion of the White/Blue Biscornu. We will see if I get the urge.

I must also put some time into Rocky Mountain Christmas, Goldenwood and Pretty in Pink, however they are just not screaming at this time. I don't know who coined the phrase but I now refer to my style of rotation to a "Screaming Rotation". That means I work on what screams to be loudest.

I have decided not to purchase any other charts until I finish these things and three more items I want to start. Which ohttp://s166.photobucket.com/albums/u84/Bluesnjazz4me/nes you might ask (as my mind changes minute by minute)? Well, I think I have decided on Cottontail Lodge by Marty Bell (have the fabric and everything), Cheryl's Bouquet (need a piece of Buttermilk Jobelan, as I have decided to do it yellow and white) and Peace by Silver Lining (need a piece of Bay Leaf Jobelan and the Anchor floss yet). I also reserve the right to purchase Teresa Wentzlers new book, Fantasy II.

You know what they say about "the best laid plans of mice and men"......

Here is the address for my stitching album. I thought you might like to see what I have left, after all these years of stitching. I know where I can get picture of three other of my works too. However, everything else is gone.


I hope you enjoy looking.

Someone else's blog asked the question, how do you remove the unwanted stitches from you piece? Scissors? Needle? Ripper & Tweezers? All of the above. It depends on what size fabric I am using...over 1 or over two and how confident I feel.

Someone else asked what your favorite little stitching tool is....some say lap stand....Mageyes.....dololly.... Mine is my John James Petites....#28. I absolutely love these. I love the length and the size. Everytime I order something, I tack on a package.

Someone else asked about your favorite fabric? Mine is Jobelan. I like Lugana too but Jobelan feels softer. I am not huge on linen. I love the look but I am not huge on the texture or feel. Eventhough I nearly never use Aida any longer, I would like to try some of the Country French Aida (not sure about actual name). People say it is extremely soft.

I did not post anything for sale or trade but I will get to it. You could not even imagine the things I have accumulated over the years. You should see the number of Ellen Maurer Stroh animal babies I had amassed while they were free. Anyone want to trade for them?

Hope to talk again soon.......maybe after the weekend. Take care. Peaceful Stitching.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Update

First and foremost, I read many, many blogs. Thank you to all the other bloggers for keeping us updated on your progresses and additions. I find it so much fun to read them. Stitching blogs take some of the stress from my oh so stressful days. I appreciate you all and the effort you put forth to keep your blogs going.

Now...on to MY life. Oh...where to begin. Well.....Goldenwood is still a work in progress. So is Pretty in Pink and Rocky Mountain Christmas. I have now started Celestial Dragon by Teresa Wentzler. I will soon be adding Peace by Silver Lining and Cheryl's Bouquet. I am seriously contemplating adding Hunter's House by Pegasus Originals too. However I must first get the chart. I have Cottontail Lodge and want to do that one too. Let's face it. I have about a million others and they are all large projects.

I still have a blue and white biscornu to finish...well to finish cross stitching. My mom will do the finishing, as that is her forte. I finished another biscornu but she has not finished the finishing.

I hope to write more tomorrow...post my photo album link....and maybe even post things I have to sell. I have a LOT!

Talk soon. Take care. And Peaceful Stitching

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It has been a long time....the holidays are over and..

My life is finally getting back to normal. After some major dental work and the Holidays, I can finally settle back into a "normal" routine. I have not actually stitched too much. However, I finally started picking things up again.

I am working on Pretty in Pink, Goldenwood and Rocky Mountain Christmas. I still want to start more, however I want to finish up at least one more. Right now, Pretty in Pink is striking my fancy. I would like to get it half finished and then switch.

OH...OH...OH....did you see Teresa Wentzler has a NEW "Fantasy Collection" book out by Leisure Arts? OH it is definitely a must have for me! Soon and I promise only this and maybe a couple of new charts this year....NOTHING major. I would like to get a nice sampler, a table topper and maybe some silks too. We will see.

I am also going to be involved a round robin of sorts. This is my first one. I have stitched a quilt block before but nothing to do with stitching on the same piece. I am kind of excited but also a little intimidated, as I know everyone else is much more proficient than I.

Well, hopefully I will get caught up on the latest and greatest and have something else to say here soon.

You all take care until next time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I finally finished something!

This weekend I made some progress on my stitching. As you all know I was off for a while. I just didn't feel it. Well, I finished not one but two pieces. Fortunate Traveller has been back stitched and beaded! AND Tulip Time has been backstitched! WOO HOO! Major happy dances for me!

I have decided I spend way too much time on the boards. I am neglecting my stitching and other things too. I am going to limit my online time. And it could be I am just burning out on the nonsense and bickering. At any rate, I am definitely staying away more often.

I still have Goldenwood, Pretty in Pink and Rocky Mountain Christmas on the go. PLUS I started a small Halloween project. It is about 50% complete. I am trying a small (well, smaller than my standard) to see if it works for me, as so many others. They say finishing smalls inbetween the large finishes, helps keeping one focused. We will see.

This week I am going to put tiles behind my bathroom sink. I had to take off a back splash that was warping terribly. I also have to make a pot of Chicken Soup for a potluck at work on Friday. I want to spend a little more time with my kids too. Even the older one seems to want more if my time. I felt really good when he told me that. And I want to start taking the dog for a walk after work. I need the exercise and so does he. I want to take my mother too.

I have made a new resolution. I know it is not the New Year but I want to start positive things in my life. So each day, I am going to try and say something positive about my life, the world or someone else. I am going to try and stop thinking about the negative.

Todays Positive Thought: I have made a few good friends on the internet. I am thankful for each of them.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I have had some progress....

I finished one side of my biscornu. Now tonight, I hope to finish the other. But that was just about it on the stitching front.

This weekend is apple picking. I am looking forward to that. We are not going to go until the afternoon though, as people have committments to their jobs that make morning impossible. I will then bring some Steak & Cheese Breads and some chicken soup for dinner. We will also be celebrating my niece's 17th birthday.

I heard through the grapevine that the Chicago GTG went smashingly! EVERYONE had a great time. My hat is off to Genie and Eva. They did an incredible job! I am sooooooo depressed that I was not there! Next year.....I WILL BE THERE! I have to thing of something incredible to do too!

Well, I am a little pressed for time right now. You all take care.

Peaceful Stitching